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The cost of building a single API integration can easily set you back $10,000+, depending on the complexity of the integration and the time investment of your developers. Using pre-built integration and automation tools, however, can cut your costs significantly and save your developers countless hours of work. Your SaaS API integration might use the REST API to create a webhook in GitHub to alert your app when someone creates a pull request. GitHub then sends JSON data to your app at an endpoint you control.

what is api integration

At eMerge Technologies, we have integrated dozens of API’s over a period of 15 years. And in doing so, we have developed an “API integration process” that we feel is the best way to bridge two separate applications and have them work together in seamless harmony. Using the REST API, you can create a webhook in GitHub to be notified when a record changes. Or, with custom API development your custom API integration might use the GraphQL API to push data into GitHub or to fetch data on a recurring schedule. Yet another API might enable data exchange with integration partners.

What Are APIs?

The growing diversity of operating systems can make it difficult for businesses to connect with potential customers. If your web services were created for Chrome, they might not work well on Firefox. If you want to create an efficient and effective platform, it’s important to consider how different systems can work together. API integration enables businesses to send and receive data from other companies and applications, rather than independently connecting each app individually. API integration is the process of connecting applications, data sources, and systems in a seamless manner with an application programming interface . As a result, APIs allow two or more disparate technologies are able to connect to each other to perform a joint function.

  • On the other side, you will list all the objects the starting objects will become once they are in the target system.
  • API integration makes that possible as it allows sharing process and enterprise data among applications in a given ecosystem.
  • Usually SaaS applications, these platforms are dedicated to the development of API integrations that help join other SaaS applications and systems.
  • Once connected, these applications can request and share data between one another seamlessly, effectively eliminating any data silo at your organization.
  • Sometimes only custom software can be efficient and flexible enough to work for your project.
  • Although APIs connect software components, you need API integration to connect two systems — whether on-premises or in the cloud.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and integration means to bring together two different systems into one unified whole. So if you put the two together, API integration means bringing different applications together into one unified whole by using specific protocols. Though HubSpot is frequently compared to WordPress, HubSpot objectively offers more tooling for you to take your business to the next level, via marketing and beyond. The many integrations HubSpot provides only multiply this effect.

Many APIs allow you to access detailed analytics, enabling better user engagement and, in turn, increased sales. API integrations are the standard for connecting cloud apps these days. Circling back to Google Docs, this is how one would consolidate their documentation with apps like Google Sheets, Slack, Discord, GitHub, and dozens of other cloud applications. Cloud apps are software applications where much of the back-end technology, like the logic and data is accessed online through the internet rather than through a local machine. Hi, we are building a application and we are looking for an api integration provider for 100k users of our app.

You might partner with 3rd-party organizations to help sell your product or support clients. In either case, API integrations can help strengthen the partnership. As an alternative to creating custom APIs, developers sometimes use public APIs.

What is API Integration and How Can it Help Your Business?

They are usually too expensive for small and medium-sized firms and enterprise departments on strict budgets. However, we do have some good news for firms on tighter budgets. New API integration management platforms like DreamFactory are opening the doorway to robust, affordable API creation and integration. In the past, developers needed to code all API integrations from scratch.

As a result, most integrations work with an API on at least one end of the integration. It can be challenging to see where one ends, and the other begins. Within this post, we’ll look at API vs integration and provide API and integration definitions and functions. If you would like to find out more about working with APIs at an enterprise level then take a look at where you can request a 30 day trial and bespoke demo of the platform.

APIs are what applications use to interact with other applications. APIs are a set of protocols that enable different software systems to connect and share data. API integration can be defined as the process of creating a means for two or more APIs to share data and communicate with each other without human interruption. It involves the use of APIs to enable communication between two web tools or applications. It allows organizations to automate their systems, enhance the seamless sharing of data, and integrate current applications. Enterprises cannot overlook the importance of API integration in the modern world.

what is api integration

Wondering if automation could solve some of your organization’s biggest operational challenges? Read on to learn more about how healthcare automation is being used today. How do businesses use automation to accomplish everyday tasks more efficiently? Payment gateways like, PayPal, and Stripe provide this functionality—and they connect to e-commerce sites through an API. Here are the basics of API integration, meaning, specifically, what it is, where it’s deployed, and what you can do if an API doesn’t solve your integration challenges. Plus, the Akana API platform has everything you need for your API strategy — and your digital transformation strategy.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

There’s a good chance that digital voice is connected through an API to a music program on your phone that’s willing to fetch the song you asked for. Offers a wide range of built-in transformations to help you aggregate, transform, and format data retrieved from APIs as required. It tells the backend server to listen for a certain event at a certain place, and if that event occurs, to tell a certain person.

Webhooks are an efficient and powerful way of processing asynchronous data, but they can be a little confusing to start. Ingest, integrate, and cleanse your data with Cloud Data Integration. REST APIs offer more flexibility, a gentler learning curve, and work directly from an HTTP URL rather than relying on XML. Perhaps the easiest analogy to explain the API is, of all things, the way international shipping has changed over time. Prior to World War II, products were generally shipped as “break bulk” – loaded individually onto freight ships by squads of longshoremen.

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API integration works the best when your API platform fits into your existing API architecture. When you are selecting an API management platform, it is vital to make sure that it will work seamlessly with your enterprise’s framework. With this communication and transference data via APIs, of course, comes the matter of API integration. We’ll provide more context on how you can apply API integration by covering additional examples next. To learn more about APIs, including the different types you can use and the benefits they provide, you can read this guide.

What Is an API Integration?

From there, you can email that data, send it to Slack, or whatever else you need to improve your business processes. Hiring trends in the IT space show that API experience is more important than ever. An overwhelming majority of new postings for developer jobs require applicants to have specific expertise.

As your employees start to use more applications, you create more opportunities for communications to break down between those apps, especially without proper API integration. I want to develop an app but with added modern communication features . Apps can be built across multiple platforms – Android, iOS and Web. Make sure that you choose APIs that are compatible with your app’s platform.

Build anything with APIs, faster.

Since working in data silos is inefficient, APIs and integrations are essential for the modern software ecosystem. Yet, systems also use APIs more broadly to enable one system to access another for non-data transfer reasons. Similarly, while integrations often rely on APIs, they do not do so exclusively. You need to integrate the APIs of microservices and other components while building a microservices-based application. Whether you’re working in the marketing department or the operations department, you’ve probably heard a lot about APIs and API integrations. These have become the “buzz” terms of IT departments in recent years as more enterprises embrace the trend toward digital transformation.

An API integration platform is needed to connect your applications, both on-premises and in the cloud, as well as internally and with external partners. Businesses use all kinds of applications, including web-based services , enterprise software , and in-house custom-made software. Each of these applications must coexist to ensure seamless business operations.

Examples of API integration

The use of API integration allows businesses to grow since they don’t need to start from scratch when creating connected systems and applications. For starters, you need to evaluate your goals and all your business processes. You need to identify the pain points and identify how integrating two or more software platforms can help eradicate these problems.

A brief look at API protocols

Embed chat anywhere on your own or existing Android, iOS and Web applications within minutes. Providers across the globe offer a wide range of APIs that are available on payment. Once you’ve decided on the pricing model, you may check on the providers who offer the essential features for your app. Whether it is SaaS or SaaP, it is necessary to ensure that everything you need from an API for your app is achieved right from a reliable provider. The foremost step in integrating an API into your app is to be clear of your app’s purpose.

At the same time as the push for open API standards, industry-specific API integrations are also quickly emerging. Some of the most prominent examples are open banking and healthcare standards like FHIR . Expect to see continued growth in these markets, along with other markets primed for their API integration standards — like supply chain and logistics, insurance, and manufacturing. Recent Advancements in API Integration Management API management solutions are becoming popular because they solely focus on API life-cycle management and API integration management.